Faerie Technique

​Secrets Of Claiming & Utilizing Your Personal Power!

We would like to introduce to you 7 powerful potentials that, if aligned with, can enable you to consistently create the level of personal success that you desire.  

​The following are presented as points or statements that you need not fully understand or agree with. If, at a deeper level, they are a part of your resonance the reading will trigger what will work for you.

1... You create your own reality.  The world we live in is an illusion & our life is our personal illusion.  You create or allow it all.  
​2...  Because everything is energy there is never a shortage... you (& everyone) can have as much as you want.  You can have everything you desire & the quantity you want... you can have it all.  And the 
universe wants you to have it all!  Spirit will never tell you no... only
you can do that.  Where all of this gets murky & doesn't work is when we make our reality too real causing the form (our lives or an issue) to become concrete.  It just came together like magick!  
​3...  Each of us create our own reality & we also have the power to create the end result or outcome.  It can be in the form of a consequence such as having to struggle, work hard, prove oneself  or a limiting belief like 'whatever I do always gets taken away'.  Or when we choose, the outcome can be with ease, elegance & even appear as a reward.   
We create the dream & the finale.   From there, the universe takes care of all the in between!  And, the more open we are, the easier to  'slide' the dream into our present.  
4...  Willingness to have what you desire.  Whoa... And this is one of two elements that can over ride any remaining limitation.  Everyone deserves it all (it's energy) & if everyone were willing to have it all they would! There is no exception to that!  Regardless of what one  might say to the contrary, if what we are asking for doesn't show up then we either don't want 'it', won't let it in or do not believe we can have 'it'. 
​5...  Allowing yourself to receive.  Truly being open to having your desire because you want it. There is no need for justification as to why.  That you want is enough!  This is the second over ride element.  Even if our desire, abilities & potential don't quite align, when willing to have allow receipt, the desire can manifest. 
Note:  Along with #4 & #5 is the expectation of receiving, faith that 'this or better' will arrive & gratitude that the dream is already manifest & yours.  
6...  Are you willing to share your happiness with yourself & others? This is a powerful question to ponder prior to answering...  The secret is not about sharing your wealth, personal property or that which has taken form.  It is the happiness & enjoyment acquired, the lifeforce & expansion you drew into yourself to manifest your desire. Will you allow yourself to enjoy your creation & in that joy share your happiness with others...
7...  Life is a gift from God, Goddess & the Universe... Your part is to learn to receive it.  Are you willing to accept such a gift?  To honor this life, your body, your aliveness & the profound potential to be all that you desire. It is a true gift without demands, expectations or paybacks.  It too is a powerful question that if you accept the gift can be the turning point in creating the life of your dreams.

These are the 7 elements that most are unaware of.  And if allowed to perk beneath your creations can bring about amazing success.
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Faerie Remedies

Faerie Dance
Faerie Dust
Faerie Magick
Faerie Passion
If you have the Primary Seven, use individually plus the additional 3...Dust, Magick & Passion or See Specials  for 'any 4 of your choice' - available in three different sizes.

Decide upon what you really want & intend to manifest.
We suggest you write it down & 'work it' visually & emotionally a bit until the desire, concept & thoughts generated begin to feel right to you... I WANT this & it makes sense to me.  The latter is important.  If you are dancing with faerie elixirs you are already working 'outside the box' so don't stop there!  
Note:  At one time, while contemplating a creation, I asked Archangel Raphael if we could create such a thing...  "If you can imagine it, WE can create it!"  When speaking of logic, use yours, not that of consensus.  My personal logic is based upon a myriad of experiences that for most would be totally illogical to even contemplate let alone expect or manifest.
In actuality we are forming with every thought pattern we activate.  For the purpose of this technique, work with one to three primary creations at a time. This allows you to set & hold your focus with more clarity.

Set aside 25-30 minutes with cell phones off & total quiet.  Select a comfortable place to sit & immediately imagine a circle of light surrounding you to set your space.  Ask your 'unseen friends', faeries & angels to participate & help you.  Have a print out of the 7 elements & your intended creations. 
Spritz Faerie Magick 1 x above head
Spritz Faerie Dance 3 x beginning at crown as you bring the mist down the front chakra line including the tops of the feet.
Spritz Faerie Passion 1-3 x from heart chakra downward to include tops of feet.
Spritz Faerie Dust 3 x from top of head in a circle about you... draws in light then anchors & seals what you are imaging into your etheric (9th) & auric body (8th).
Close your eyes, take in several deep & gentle breaths giving your entire body the command to relax while you begin to receive the benefits of the Faerie elixirs.
Then when ready & with thought, read each of the 7 elements setting a base or foundation of awareness to create from.  

Once again closing your physical eyes, breathe deeply softening your energy & imagine yourself standing at the entrance of a forest...a magickal forest inviting you to step upon a shimmering path that will lead you to a faerie mound & your personal temple of success.  As you take that first step the forest gently fills your senses with the smells & sounds of nature.  Although lush, this gathering of trees, ferns, flowers & foliage is not dense.  You enter its majesty & instantly iridescent shafts of sunlight stream downward upon & before you.  You stand spellbound for a moment drinking in the peaceful & loving energies.  This is truly a  different world with all of its gentle inhabitants flowing their welcome to your presence & intention.  
Abruptly your body shifts as everything about you is realigned.  In this brief but powerful moment you know that your presence here is not new.  Quite taken, almost entranced you attempt to move forward only to find a deep sense of uncertainly welling up from within.  "How odd & utterly ridiculous!"  With determination you command your feet to move forward only to find the path having abruptly ended & you seemingly alone in a forest that has suddenly become vast, unknown & very silent.    
Perplexed at the sudden shift, you question your whereabouts & the peculiar events taking place.  Again you hesitate & breathing deeply you refocus your thoughts.  The forest seems to be paralyzed, breathless, suspended & awaiting you... Yes you!  Closing your mental eyes you clearly state "I am on an quest to discover my  personal magick & success temple".  Once again, breathing deeply, you open your mental eyes & see a path stretching both left & right. 'Why of course', the choice is instant & with great confidence you make your way only to find that again the path lessens.  Confused you stand quietly seeking both clarity & direction... ahh... when my thoughts wobble, so does my reality!
​♛Suddenly a flash of light streaks before you barely missing your chest & midair spirals upward to halt & hover looking directly into your eyes.  Startled you peer into the face of a fully formed (hummingbird sized) being that is quite adamant about the direction of your journey.  Feeling scolded & somewhat prompted from behind, you take several steps before realizing that indeed you are being nudged by an entire group of these winged beings.  In a state of utter astonishment you almost topple attempting to see in all directions at once.  And then, as quickly as they appeared, they vanish leaving you standing slightly disheveled at the base of a gigantic faerie mound complete with stairway & open air temple.   
Mesmerized you place your foot upon the first step emitting a whispy aha ... this is about creating my own reality!  As your mind begins to recall thelements your body becomes aware that you have become enveloped in a dragon like mist.  Standing very still you inhale the luminous particles & without question recognize a depth of awareness far beyond mere thought.  
Time stops, sensations dwindle... for how long, who would know? Perhaps you dose or are gently wafted within the sparkling mist.  Whatever has occurred your body becomes nondescript, weightless & begins to float upward to reach the next landing.  Awakening you find yourself standing in the warm morning light as a voice whispers "you can have it all"... ah yes... "but don't make it too real"!   
Instantly the 3rd landing becomes your support as the 'inner one' reminds you "decide upon the outcome too & make it with ease".
Looking toward the 4th, you are amazed to see a light being fully formed.  This one extends their hands drawing you to them to inquire if you are willing.  As you respond, a gentle yet profound radiance flows into your hands then fills your entire being with the willingness to have.  
Then once again, floating to yet another level, you hear... "allow, allow, allow... everyone deserves & there will always be opportunities but will you allow yourself to receive them?"
Standing upon the 6th level the same being appears requesting a  consideration & choice... oh yes, the sharing of my happiness with me & others...  
Reaching the final landing you are immediately filled with the awareness that Life Is A Gift from God, Goddess & The All That Is... And It Is Mine to Receive!  Awestruck you allow the words, the offer, the truth, power & love to flow into your entire being.  What an amazing gift, can I, will I allow myself to receive all that I desire?  You make the declaration & walking but a short distance,  You choose to enter into the open aired temple to claim your right to unlimited personal success.
Within these hallowed pillars you stare up & outward to absorb the vastness & majesty of the heavenly bodies before you.  Calling upon your faeries & unseen friends (or call upon those listed on the Faerie Basics page), design the chamber to include a comfortable chair or lounge & table/alter to place candles, wands, figurines & your tools.  This is your personal success chamber, keep it simple yet mark it as your place of conjuring, dreaming, imagining & manifesting your magick. 
As you complete this chamber (perhaps crystalline & rainbow) sense its beauty & mystery.  Have fun with your creation & return to it often.  This is a magickal space, made more so my your use. 

Settling in, you look about then down to discover a box wrapped in paper.  Within this container is a symbol of your personal success.  Gently you uncover the contents... an object & or symbol of your power.  Something meaningful to trigger each of the 7 elements & your right to have.  Lifting the object out & skyward your hands quicken & pulsate as the object begins to spin emitting a myriad of sparkling lights upward & above your head.  As the spiral increases the flashes expand taking on the form of faerie beings.  
♛Within a breath the dance about you stills as you sense a loving guidance instructing you to now become 'crystal clear' as to what you want. Continuing to hold your success symbol, state your desire..."I desire__________ & I ask the universe, God, angels, higher self, etc to take care of the details of bringing this___________ 'into my reality'. You then draw into you, your desire & power.  Asking for help from your unseen friends the radiance expands becoming bigger, broader, thicker & denser.  The spiraling pattern ignites, flipping out to lift upward as if the faeries are spinning your desire & all the magick faster & faster.  Captivated you watch the particles of your desire, intention, dream & the magick once again apex into a point of colorful spectrums shooting far into the star filled heavens above.  
In awe you feel the power of your desire shooting straight into the hearts of The All That Is & you know your dream & intention has been received.  
In silence you return your hands & object to chest level as you place the symbol into your heart holding the vision of your dream & its outcome.  Resting quietly you become aware that a unique pattern of light is being woven through & about you.  
For an instant there is a profound peacefulness that permeates your entire being.  Then a gasp of pure delight surges forth as these same light patterns flash upward to apex & explode several feet above your head.  Your laughter fills the heavens as brilliant streams of shimmering light cascade down & about you.  Your creation is now in form!  It is already in your future, perhaps weeks, days or even moments away.  Opening your mental eyes you scan the horizon, your reality & personal illusion in this lifetime.  You smile... And so It Is, And so It Is, And It Is So! 
Each day you reaffirm your trust, expectation & the knowing that you already have your desire.  Each day you believe & give thanks for the gifts that have become & are in form even if not yet visible.
"I am open, I am willing & I allow myself to receive"... awe yes,
"it's a dream, it's a dream, it's a dream & I can have as much of it as I want... I can have it all!" 
It isn't necessary to detail how it will show up... your job is to surrender your desire & creation to your faeries, angels & spirit.  They will bring it all together for you.
When holding a single thought/image for 19 seconds or more the universal law-of-attraction begins the process of 'forming' density creating matter & formation to your desire.  
Note:  Generally the symbol stays the same.  And, some have found it can change as they alter their patterns of allowing & receiving.