The Mystery, Magick, Passion & Belief That You Can Be, Have & Create All That You Desire In Peace & Harmony... 

This is your right & the purpose of Faerie Remedies. They establish a platform & resonance to recall, integrate, sustain & utilize all of your abilities... be they presently known or unknown to you.

​The faerie realm is that of light, color, unlimited potential, magick, love, joy, playfulness, harmony, form and the mystical.  Because they do not limit themselves in a lineal fashion their existence and reality is far beyond what most of humanity can fathom.  And yet, our ancient history depicts that we too have functioned in the same type of non lineal freedom.  

While the two realms were interactive, each provided unique contributions to the other.  The human reality, being denser, can experience a more primal range of emotions, needs and perceptions.  The Fae's lighter, more ethereal vibrancy amplifies a broader radius of awareness, memory and usable magick.  
Magick:  To consciously co-create with universal energy, counselors, other dimensions & higher vibrational realms.  Due to this same effervescence, the Fae can give instant form to powerful creations which may require a thicker resonance of light particles to sustain them.   Note:  Humans can do the same when altering their vibrational frequencies enough to link with these lighter wave patterns.

For those of us from both worlds, there has remained a deep yearning to recall and incorporate that ancient rainbow wisdom contained within the faerie world.  Once again we have opened these portals... they from their side and we from ours.  We have conjured our desire, love and enchanted memories to forge a bridge that can be danced upon from both realms.  A bridge to meet upon and re-establish that long ago loving relationship of honor, dominion and co-creation.  It is time!  Those of us that carry the 'rainbow light' are intricately intertwined with those of the Faerie realms.   Their entire base DNA structure is formed from the rainbow signature of color particles and light refraction that is our core of being.

As we strive to lift ourselves and our planet into the 4th and 5th dimensions we feel the tug of these waves.  If you align with these ancient tribes and patterns there is a vitality, life force, sense of being, of belonging and possibility that opens your heart to feel a part of you that is your mystical origin.  Not just the faerie realms, but the base of beauty and love that was the true Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon and the purpose of this planet.  

What do you feel when you see a rainbow?  I remember when they were rare, never visible at either end... only in the middle.  Now they can be 2-5 or more deep, you can see the beginning and end dancing  upon the ground and drive or walk beneath or through them.  I know that we, the light workers and rainbow children, the archangels, (especially Michael), the Fae, ancients, crystal beings and so many more, have made an impossible breach from what was to what can be.  

We came here to bring light and color into a world of density and darkness after the split from Atlantis.  It was a world that would no longer reflect its true purpose for being.  Those of us, from many realms, chose to come forth bringing what we could to become conduits of the rainbow light.  We together brought enough desire, intention, love and memories of the mystical to lift ourselves, our realities and our planet into a higher range of potential.  To once again co-create, in dominion, with the elements, the Fae, Angelic and Source.  We have and are accomplishing this regardless of what the physical is reflecting back to us at this moment.  

The rainbows are magnificent miracles reminding each of us of who we are  and that we can be even more...  The rainbow particles are a framework of energy that is far beyond pretty colors reflected from moisture and sunlight.   Have you ever seen a bolt of lighting in the black of night that contains every spectrum of color visible...a night sky covered with cloud and no moon?  Or spent a night watching bolts of lightning dance across the red rocks of Sedona some 600 yards before you.  There was a night that Archangel Michael turned my head toward the Sirius portal, on the south side of Courthouse Rock, and said "WATCH"!  Within moments there was a brilliant sword like shaft of light that jammed into the red rock and shimmied front to back. It was a sword of rainbow colors!  I began to laugh and said "AA Michael, you must be very proud of what you just did!"  His response was "I am...We are and we wanted you to see that which you and the light workers have accomplished in bringing into what was the dark!"

​I say again... what do you feel when you see a rainbow?  The faeries have held these spectrums of light, love, potential and the mystical for us.  Together with the angelic realms, they offer us the opportunity to remember, to work together, play together and create true magick...that which makes our hearts sing and life worth living.  

The Faerie Remedies contain a unique blend of rainbows, moonbeams, sunbeams and faerie radiance particles.  With the use of these frequencies you can awaken, recall, expand and further develop the gifts of your personal magick and ability to 'manage energy'.

If you presently work with the Fae and see/hear them then their energy will be even more so with you.  Using the elixirs doesn't guarantee you will see them, that is your choice, it will however align you with their resonance and you will know their presence.  And if you desire, will awaken or expand your ability to consciously communicate and co-create with them.  

Faerie Dance is a blend of the primary 7 chakra   
Faerie Dust enhances each chakra & is especially powerful to the 8th or Auric chakra.  
Each of the Primary 12 Faerie Essences (Fire, Blyss, Balm, Love, Speaks, Essence, Radiance ...upper... Etheric, Being, Soul & Wisdom were created with a Primary chakra in mind & as well to harmonize with and link to the others. 
Magick, Passion, Love & Faerie Dust can be used throughout as desired.  With intention each can increase the range of the other elixirs as well the girth and width of your desire to create and manifest. 

♛Read Faerie Basics and any of the individual essences guided to.
♛If just beginning, start with Faerie Dance.  It clears and strengthens each of the primary 7 chakras while grounding and harmonizing body energy.  It will gently assist you through your process of clearing old residue, accessing higher energy fields, strengthening each chakra radiance and harmonizing body function.  Add Faerie Dust to complete.
Each of the elixirs will self adjust to your present vibrational pattern then heighten as you are ready to do so.  Faerie Dance can also be used for those more advanced due to its exponential spiraled patterns.  
♛If aware that you have some blockages or seem unable to clear certain chakras, memory patterns or experiences you may benefit by using one or several specific chakra elixirs first or in addition to Faerie Dance.  Faerie Fire is always excellent as a dissolving agent in addition to its 1st chakra capacity.  Trust your inner guidance or ask for AA Raphael to assist you.  

1st... Decide what you want to accomplish
Sample:  Clear away non sportive energy while increasing awareness & communication with unseen friends, counselors and guides. 
Sample:  Develop or increase your intuitive talents & gifts.
Sample:  Design & align with your purpose... We generally have a primary broad base purpose & many ways to explore & live that purpose.  Counsel & faeries can bring those forth & assist in creating & manifesting the desired pathways.  
2nd... Faerie Dance, mist several x along front of chakras & feet 1-2 x daily or every other day as guided.  Experiment with 2nd one for just prior to bed may provide too much energy. And 1 x may be adequate.
3rd... Use for 10-14 days then evaluate your progress & update your intentions.  Generally subtle changes will be noted within 72 hours.  Also, talk with your group... if using these elixirs you can bet they guided you to this site.  Some like names, others not... if you are uncertain, use some listed on the Faerie Basics page.  If needed, specific names will come in via repetition or 'pop' in.   
4th... Talk to them! If you see a flash from your peripheral its most likely a faerie.  Ask them to verify their presence.  Ask how you can build a better friendship & expand your life.  Some receive immediate answers, often with thoughts or dreams that have a different feel or content.  Anticipate that unique things seen or experienced are likely faeries.  If you mentally qualify everything into logic you will miss the magickal gifts presented to you.  
5th... Complete the process with a misting of Faerie Dust above the head & through out the primary 7 chakras.  This harmonizes into and with your auric field creating a deeper resonance of light, color & energy about the entire body.  
6th... Before misting, I enjoy taking a moment to open my body, mind & spirit to a new beginning.  In closure, I imagine a sparkling bubble enveloping me with the radiance of those working with me in joyously creating what I desire for the day & my future.
​♛Above is the basic process to begin integrating more light, color and memory into your energy fields.  

Faerie Technique, a magickal process of creating with the essences is now available.  Read More

Several thoughts to share... We have cottonwood trees that drop fluffs of cotton like flowers.  Normally they float about depending upon air current.  Frequently several of these seeming fluffs will appear and hover before my window (no trees reside in or near my yard) then flip over changing direction while mimicking  hummingbirds in flight.  The fluffs are wee ones and part of the faerie clan.  On another occasion I was given the gift of holding a very human like faerie with wings.  She was larger than a hummingbird and absolutely beautiful!  Most often I see flashes of their light or receive a type of audio message.  The purpose of sharing this is to remind you that there are many different ways to experience these playful & special beings.  Trust what you receive and never judge your ability to perceive them by another person for each of us receive uniquely.

Each elixir is made up of distilled water, essences (a proprietary blend of crystals, essence of light, color frequencies & blessings of love from the Faeries, Angels & The Goddess), with alcohol as the holding agent.  

Each of the Faerie Remedies carry specific frequencies of light and can be used individually or together. They enhance esteem, self love, acceptance of worthiness, gratitude, appreciation, intuitive abilities,  talents, your personal power & connection with the elementals, counsel & magickal realms. 

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your guardian angels & higher self, are always available to assist in clarity, healing, growth and abundance.  But you must ask for their insight and guidance throughout your daily activities.

Remember to increase your water intake.  You Are Moving Energy Through Your Body & water is the conduit supporting this.  Four to six glasses per day is suggested.  If not, you can slow the process of change that the essences provide.
Faerie Purpose

& Process
Essence of Light©
Faerie Remedies
of Chakras 
Each of the 
chakras are first 
formed in the etheric
body. They are  the
foundation & 
conductors of life 
force energy in the 
physical form
Faerie Elixirs 
gently work with each individual center & the entire chakra system to 
lift residue that fades
the strength &
function of available
energy. The clearer 
the chakras, the more radiant  the  energetic  field,  self  healing
capacity &