A Synergy Of Magical Elixirs To Bring About Change

Each elixir is a blend of crystals, faerie frequencies, light & color particles reconnecting you with your core imprint, brilliance, chakra energy, personal magick & manifesting capacity.  

FAERIE FIRE (1st or Root & Foot Chakra - Red)
The power, expansiveness, structure, sense of belonging and base into your full consciousness, bodies, mother earth and manifesting.  Faerie Fire is bold, transforms stagnation, dissolves what is no longer useful and is empowering as it enhances resolve, willingness to receive and vitality.  
​   Spritz 1 x upon spine, front & back or as desired.  This elixir supports all areas of the body having base, foundational issues while increasing overall energy levels. You are working with spiral energy.  Each time used, Faerie Fire  will support the clearing, release and transmuting of no longer desired energy.      Everyone has a unique countenance for change. Be patient in your process of self-healing as you realign to your optimum health and wellness. Remember to ask your counsel, Source, Archangel Raphael and your Faeries to further enhance your growth and self improvement process.  Purchase   Read More 

FAERIE BLYSS (2nd or Pelvic Girdle, Chakra - Orange)
Illuminates the light and radiance that is you...  Faerie Blyss awakens the excitement, happiness, joy, playfulness, life force, sexuality and all forms of your creativity.  It re-aligns ones 'spiral pattern' enhancing confidence, self expression, passion, purpose, acceptance of worthiness and one's 'light to shine".
  ​ Spritz 1 x upon pelvic girdle front and back (also referred to as the navel chakra) as desired. 'Blyss' supports the release of stagnant debris preventing you from your right to create, allow, receive and be all that you desire.   Purchase  Read More

FAERIE BALM (3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow)
This is the chakra of will and self empowerment. It is here that you evaluate the energy, frequencies and resonance of what you are experiencing.  'Balm' balances, harmonizes and strengthens your ability to decipher, assimilate with ease, then direct your thoughts and intentions with assurance and trust.  This elixir softens the range of energy minimizing  exhaustion, confusion and overload and enhances your ability to 'adjust the flow' as needed.     
​   Spritz 1-3 x front and back of tummy area as desired.  This elixir supports your natural evaluative tools.  Often what you 'pickup' is 'on target' even though the actions or verbiage of others may say no.   Purchase   Read More                 

FAERIE LOVE (4th or Heart Chakra - Green)   
The vortex and core of your Love including Self-love. The elixir is excellent to use when love, at any level of expression, is the base influence you are working with.  Your heart chakra & emotions are the lens you evaluate love, compassion, gratitude and appreciation through.  Faerie Love lifts your resonance assisting you to open, explore, feel, express, share and receive the gifts of love with more depth, elegance, ease and safety.  Great during change, forgiveness & healing.
​  Spritz 1 x upon front & back of chest as desired.   Purchase   Read More 

FAERIE SPEAKS (5th or Throat Chakra - Azure Blue)
Articulating, communicating and giving 'voice' to you.  The throat chakra is a co-creator with how your other vortexes are expressed.  Faerie Speaks provides clarity and encouragement in giving form 'voice' to who you are and your unique place in this world.  It allows you to be heard, whether by voice, action or creative expression.  It gives depth and width to your dreams, desires, potential & passion.  There is support in gathering and directing your intention, voice (expression), vision or the taking of action in the formation of your desire.
​  Spritz 1 x upon front/back of neck.   Purchase   Read More                                

FAERIE ESSENCE (6th or Brow Chakra - Deep Purple)
The seat of your 'inner guidance & pituitary gland'. Here you ascertain, understand, develop & dialogue with the inner and higher parts of self.  **The genetic code of the faerie realm holds frequencies of who we are, where we have been & the unlimited potential of our future. The shinning beings of the ancient 'Fae' are the connecting bridges of earth, air, fire, water & the mists and with our higher self/inner being, speak to us through this chakra vortex.  Whether new or evolved, Faerie Essence awakens new energies upon your journey.   
​   Spritz 1 x upon front/back of forehead.   Purchase   Read More                  

FAERIE RADIANCE (7the or Crown Chakra - Violet)
The deepening of your relationship with your higher consciousness, the pineal gland gateway and portal to Spirit. A beautiful tunnel of sparkling light providing the connection & light that is your higher self.  
  Spritz 1 x upon crown of head & down spine or as desired.  This elixir expands your link into your etheric body, more real self, soul & spirit bringing a cornucopia of life force & wisdom from the divine. Faerie Radiance strengthens & sustains your receptivity from your upper chakras and the wholeness of you.  Purchase   Read More                                                                                   

​FAERIE DUST (8th or Auric Field, Entire Body - Rainbow)
Is a gentle, profound infusion of the magickal frequencies of light and color resonating within the outer or auric field about you.  What was dreamed in the etheric is 'formed' via the aura and centers.  The divine imprint of this miraculous creation called you is also contained within the resonance of the Fae.  It is a link recalling your original soul design.  The Faerie beings of light were in our reality long before we. They are the keepers of the mystical... the guardians of the inner planes and visible if one allows.  Faerie Dust activates & distributes light and color particles throughout your centers increasing stability, foundations, healing ratio and expanding consciousness.
   Spritz 1-3 x throughout entire chakra field, front & back or as desired.  This elixir can be used on & in absolutely everything.  Purchase   Read More

FAERIE MAGICK (All - Rainbow Ray)
​Is the basis of the unlimited & reminds and aligns you with your gifts & your right to co-create change & abundance.  Faerie Magick is a swirling of light gathering together that which opens the resonance of possibility. It has no beginning or end thus is forever and always. This energy is in every particle of matter reflecting the all that is. 'Magick' holds the reminder of the joy awaiting your desire, intention, will, imagination & your 'willingness' to receive abundance.  It enhances your ability to gather and magnetize manifesting energy. 
​   Spritz 1-3 x throughout entire chakras, front & back as desired. Also expands centers, visioning, meditating, lifts & sustains intentions.  Purchase   Read More

FAERIE PASSION (All - Red, Orange & Rainbow)
Prisms of crystalline light gathered, synergized and refracted as focused desire.  It is time to reclaim your personal power to co-create! This elixir is a 'launchpad' activating and sustaining the frequencies of intention, desire, excitement, inspiration, enthusiasm, will, trust, gratitude, appreciation and the belief ​that you can be all that you truly want.  It reminds you to 'dive' into your life and take action to dream and that which is the love of the Divine.  A fun elixir of joy and creation that can be channeled into specific areas or your entire life.
   Spritz 1-2 x over entire chakra system, front & back 1-2 x daily as desired. 
Wonderful compliment to Faerie Magick...  Purchase   Read More

FAERIE DANCE (Synergy of the Primary Seven Chakras)
The blending of the individual radiances of the primary 7 Chakra energy centers & Faerie Essence elixirs.  If you are familiar and actively working these centers then this elixir may be the best one for you to begin with.  Please read detail first.
   Spritz 1-3 x from top of head down front & back of chakras  Follow with 1-2 spritzes of Faerie Dust to complete & seal process as desired.  Purchase   Read More

FAERIE ETHERIC (9th - Chakra Above Head)
Where all form begins. In order for anything to come into physical form (including change) the structure must first be imprinted upon the etheric body.
An excellent elixir to support you in implementing your intentions, desired outcomes and to dissolve/erase non productive thought formations. 
   Spritz 1-2 x about 9 inches above top of head or as desired.  If guided 1 spritz can be applied to back of spine at tailbone (1st chakra).  Purchase   Read More

FAERIE BEING (10th - Chakra Above Head)
​Your 10th Chakra is the complete Self, encompassing a cumulative of your awareness, talents, knowledge, wisdom & evolution without the overlay of individual lifetime personality influences.  Access to this chakra provides the resonance to create the most extraordinary future of your dreams.
   Spritz 1-2 x approximately 12 inches above head or as desired. If guided 1 spritz upon back at heart.  Purchase   Read More           

FAERIE SOUL (11th - Chakra Above Head)
This elixir heightens your ability to perceive, receive and incorporate the brilliance of love radiating from your core.  Your soul knows you, all the many yous (lifetimes) intimately.   Faerie Soul enhances a deeper and more personal relationship with this being of light and the richness of who you are. 
   Spritz 1-2 x above head & if desired along entire chakra system, front or back as desired.  Purchase   Read More

FAERIE WISDOM (12th - Chakra Above Head)
​Your alignment with and to your higher consciousness (Self) and the pathway to God, Goddess, All That Is...or what you call Source.  This elixir brings an encompassing vibrancy to assist in deepening your personal awareness and relationship with your Higher Self & Source. 
   Spritz 1-2 x above head (arm's reach) as desired.  If directed also apply 1 spritz along front of body chakra system.  Purchase    Read More

Each elixir you purchase is activated to self adjust to you. There are no 'stock' bottles! Your higher self and angels, whether known or not, have been asked to work with and guide you with these products. They have aligned them to you immediately upon my request. 

Archangel Raphael is the master healer of the angelic realm (Emerald Green Ray). He with your guardian angels & higher self, are always available to assist in clarity, healing, growth and abundance...remember to ask!   

It is Very Important to drink adequate amounts of water. You are moving energy through your body & water is the conduit supporting this. Four to Six glasses per day is suggested. 
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