From The Land of Mystery, Magick, Beauty & Dreams Come Those of Our Beginning...

So long ago, in another world, lived those of our heritage.  They, the beings of light, emerged from the crystalline waters of our original world.  These beings were and are one of the holders of the Divine DNA imprints.  

Have come from 'The Bird Tribes' of Sirius and the Universes of Aurilias (Or-ill-E-Us).  Their commitment is to assist us in all that we are and can be.  They rein outside our worldly resonance allowing them to be beyond harm or lower vibrational influence.  Our guardian angels are the bridges between self and higher self.  Whether we believe or not, they send a steady flow of insight, understanding and love regardless of our own ability or inability to sustain these frequencies for ourselves.  The angels are the direct messengers, guides and protectors of the 'Universe' (Source) and our Higher Self.   They with Source,  are our miracle creators and bring to us the constant reminder of our divine heritage, self-worth, deservability and wholeness.

When asked, the angels always align us with the frequencies and resonance of Source that will bring about the manifestation of our dreams and the reality we desire.  And when we are truly willing to allow ourselves to receive that which we request, it will manifest!

Those of this realm were created from the elements of air, water, fire and earth then birthed from the crystalline waters and the 5th element of 'the mists'.  They too came from the star system of Sirius, the doorway of The Goddess, the portal home and the passageway of the star people.  

The mists are the luminous spaces of magick between, beyond and outside time, space and limitation.  The Fae, in their original presence, were to be of a world between the angelic and the human.  They move between both, can have and maintain physicality in both and have a myriad of looks, types and forms of expression.  

These beings were the children of Danu, an ancient triple Celtic Goddess.   History has referenced them as the 'Tuatha De' Danann' or "The peoples of the Goddess Danu".   Their background has been depicted as a warring tribe of beings claiming various territories with very little said as to their magick, mystical abilities, power and how or why they became known as the Fae and what happened to them.  And although much of our world would call them myth or fantasy, most cultures speak of the 'wee folk' of one type or another... some benevolent, others pranksters.

Is that individual perceptions depend upon our experiences and beliefs, thus we may vary in our personal truths.  With this in mind, I can only share with you that which I remember... 

In the beginning of our present world, a being of light emerged from beyond the stars and the 'in-be-tween' realms to seed this reality with those sparkling radiances of light and consciousness that we call the Fae or Faerie.  

Now one could imagine a pregnant woman giving birth to child after child which would never account for the thousands of beings that would become her children.  Danu came in as an evolved soul capable of co-creating and managing energy in ways far beyond our present beliefs.  She, a mistress of the elements and especially of 'the mist' was capable of moving beyond worlds while co-creating with each in total dominion.  Danu's purpose...  To give presence to a radius of spirits that evolved from the star realms, were compatible with yet outside the human kingdom.  Even now, with all that has occurred, these spirits remain as the 'flashes' of love that light our world. They are the magickal ones of hopes, dreams and faith living all about us and often seen only by children or though the eyes of one's inner child. 

Once upon a time, when our world was but a brilliant blush of form, the waters were more akin to liquid crystal. There were ancient beings of the 'Mer' clan, the sirens, that toned the frequencies of light, color, form, sound and geometric structure while in the crystalline pools.  The formulations were not of them, rather directed through them from the 'Shinning Ones' via the crystal waters and into the atmosphere. The waves of sound laced molecules of energy into accumulations of texture, shape, density and land mass.  As the latter took shape there evolved coastal lagoons angled to specific curvatures to provide a tempered well of heat within.  These sacred grottos framed parts of each continent allowing for light beds and cocoons to be created and protected.  

The magick began with the appearance of one triple grotto tucked beneath an inlet of what is now the Irish coastline.  This grotto formed into three triangles that in that specific location, pattern and alignment attracted and sustained the brilliance and life force of Sirius and Aurilias thus determining the primary birthing chamber.   

The ceiling of each grotto was a canopy of rainbow crystals beaming color in all directions.  Below was a dais like bed containing some 150 concaves of liquid crystal. Once prepared, the conception was orchestrated by toning a teardrop shaped beam from the soul of each being.  When the individual soul droplet was secure in its crystalline bed, a dome was formed above and a prism of spiral light activated within completing the light cocoon and birthing concave. 

With the first level of awakening came cognizance of the Golden Ray and the  brilliance of the dome. Pure love encircled one's self with spirit, then sensations of form and the knowing that a world beyond anything known was in the state of creation as were you.  What one recalled was the spectrums of light (different than that of the non physical), the lull of the  musical spheres, the gentle lapping of the waves, the security of Source and the fullness, joy and breathless expectancy of becoming more.

As your consciousness expanded, so did a rush of pure innocence, wonder, curiosity, passion and desire... the Divine Soul Imprint had begun!  Then came the activation of unlimited and encompassing 'sight'.  The entire being was empathetic to it and all its sensations without need to characterize or define.  What one felt was a  cornucopia of beautiful expressions triggering each of the senses.  It was a myriad of light, sound, form and love.  It was the beginning of a dream, the wonder of creation, co-creation, presence and our world of Faerie. 

It was time!  Each of the domes had expanded and the wee ones were awake.
From the triple grotto came the first birthing. The elements and elementals were in full readiness as the golden fire mist began its spin and contractions... then the   gathering, drawing and centering of each of the domed concaves and their inhabitants. 

She hovered at the mouth of the womb as the globe of new life began its emergence.  There was a deepening of breath, a moment of pure ecstasy and then She, in a spiral of golden mist drew these beings of love from the mouth of the crystalline waters and into the world of form.  

The explosion was massive!  The golden ball shattered into brilliant flames,  first imploding then erupting with all its inhabitants into the heavenly body called Earth.  Next came a gentle breeze fluttering atop the crystalline waters as it gathered to it the shimmering bubbles of newborn Fae.  And with one last shutter, the earth mother expelled the remaining fetus and everything stopped!  The silence was deafening!  It seemed forever before Danu took the first breath as did the Divine Mother enveloping her.  And then came her exhale and with it rang forth the tones of love, light and joy from the hearts of God, Goddess & All That Is.  Our world would forever be different for from its depths had emerged the mystical magickal realms and the beings of light called the Faerie Fay.  

The celebration was profound, the radiance indescribable and within an instant  replicated throughout this new world as each of the sacred grottos released their magickal beings.

        To be continued...  
Faerie Awakening

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