Sharlleyn MacIntyre
Energy & Healing Oracle
Sharlleyn is a channel of light providing wisdom & understanding into each aspect of your life. 

As an intuitive messenger, Sharlleyn obtains guidance & knowledge from Kriss-Tar, an ancient crystal being of light, Sha-Karra, an ancient Goddess of the Faerie Realm & of course Archangels Michael & Raphael.  Each, communicate with your spiritual counsel & higher self assuring crystal clear insight & guidance. 

Sharlleyn incorporates her expertise in energy & vibrational healing, angelic & faerie wisdom, animal communications & relationship harmony thus providing inspiring information & tools to strengthen, illuminate, change & expand your path of personal growth & well-being. 

We look forward to exploring with you... 

With Blessings of light, love & rainbows,
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Crystal, Angelic 
& Faerie Oracle,
Vibrational Alchemist,
Energy Healer
Sharlleyn brings insight,  
clarity & inspiration
into the realm of personal
growth, expansion &
  ​managing change.