Clarity in Faerie Elixir Selection

As you browse through the product descriptions you may encounter elixirs that seem to support similar types of transformation and change. To provide insight on the potential of which elixir can best serve you, please consider the following guidelines.

1.  Ask your higher self, angels and counselors to join you.  

2.  If you are familiar with pendulums or muscle testing either can be an excellent tool to assist in focusing upon the appropriate products.

3.  Upon requesting assistance, specific elixir names will frequently seem to be bigger, bolder or 'catch your eye' which can be significant guidance.

4.  Many individuals will just be drawn to one elixir over another.  If in doubt, follow up by detaching from what stands out, wait a moment, then ask again.  Generally one will see, feel, or resonate with  the same choice or suddenly be drawn to a better match.  Often as one reads the description page, provided for each elixir, they will receive energetic hits of appropriateness.  Trust your insights and guidance, you will know.

5.  Schedule a consultation with Sharlleyn for insight and clarity about your direction, elixir support, the strengthening of your intentions and effective ways to expand your process of change.   

Each faerie, crystal, flower and gem elixir is a combination of frequencies that form its particular vibrational pattern.  Certain of these essences may show up in other products.  This potential repetition merely indicates a base pattern that is complimentary to a number of processes.  This is especially true of crystal & gem elixirs.  

Essence of Light Faerie Remedies & Gem Elixirs are formed in a very specific and unique manner.  Initially we clarify the intent and purpose of what is to be created,  i.e. expansion of love, abundance, self-confidence, forgiveness, etc.  Then we (the group) work together in blending the vibrational radiances to form that particular elixir energy.  With the activation of a proprietary process of frequency folding one can harmonize the blending of say specific quartz crystals, light and color frequencies combined with faerie and angelic vibrations.  As these energies dance together they form a vibrational factor that is more than the sum total of each of the individual energies.  The Faerie Remedy elixirs are patterned in the same basic manor as our crystal and gem elixirs with the inclusion of very specific crystalline, faerie and light being resonances.

Faerie Remedies call forth the light of the mystical beings that imprint wisdom from their ancestral base and in the case of these elixirs that provide core information about the human race and its original relationship with the faerie realm.  In the early times, we partnered bringing two very beautiful and powerful realms together in harmony and wonder.  If your heritage is aligned with these beings you will find a more expanded consciousness that emerges providing you with a stronger sense of self, purpose and connection to your inner guidance. 

Essence of Light has a sister site that works with more of the traditional crystal, gem and occasionally flower essence properties.  The ultimate process of synergizing is the same allowing for all of our products to radiate and sustain a magickal framework of light unlike other essences.

Due to their unique creation they do not require refrigeration, dark storage or removal of coffee or an occasional caffeine beverage from your diet.  If intake of such is extremely high the effects of the elixirs could be reduced.  Longevity of products have strength tested up to six years thus far.  Mist containers more so than dropper bottles due to lack of air exposure and any potential contamination from touching the dropper wand to skin.

Essence of Light Faerie and Crystal elixirs are for the purpose of energy enhancement.  Each elixir is a combination of crystal, gem, flower, faerie, angelic and source essences that are synergestically blended to enhance the flow of energy in support of one's desire to change, grow, self-heal and further activate their personal level of optimum well being.  

Based upon the radiance of a specific elixir we may invite the user to begin with 1-3 mists applied 1-3 times daily or as desired. 
Traditional use of crystal, flower, gem  & energy frequency elixirs is generally 3-7 drops utilized 1-3 times per day.
​**1 Spritz is equivalent to 2 drops of liquid.

Awakening to new potential and growth is always exciting and fun.  We encourage our clients to take baby steps and allow themselves to explore with elegance and ease.  If the suggestion has been to honor the master status of a product, please do so.  

It is important for each person to follow their inner guidance.  In your consulting of such, should you be encouraged to take less than the suggested amount...please do so.   

Individuals having on going experience with energy, light, crystals, healing and vibrational work may receive guidance (from their inner being, higher self, archangels) to use additional drops or add an extra dosage for that day.  We have generally found these clients to be vibrational healers, counselors, metaphysical teachers and or students very accustomed to running deeper levels of light vibrations and energy.  

It is important to acknowledge and honor that everyone experiences energy in their own personal and unique fashion.  We have clients that 1 spritz of an essence per day, or even on alternating days brings about amazing encouragement to their intentions of growth.

If you are inclined to increase the initial application amount and you are new to energy enhancement and or vibrational products, we would invite you to be respectful of the lesser suggestion, at least for the first several times.  

 With Blessings of Light, Love, Joy & Rainbows
Faerie Elixirs
Disclaimer:  Essence of Light Vibrational Elixirs are  subtle energy enhancers.   Product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA & are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.   Contact your physician or health care practitioner for the treatment of illness.

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